Fantasy Football – Risk vs Reward

Every week here on the Steeler Maniacs site I will hit you with a little dream football virtuoso, in other words I’m a virtuoso on the off chance that I’m correct and simply one more jerk-off assuming I’m off-base. Yet, relax, if you accept my recommendation and it works you can guarantee it for your own. In the event that it doesn’t, you can say you got it structure some simpleton on the web!

Bernard Berrian – WR Chicago Bears

The Bears had a horrifying trip in week one from a dream viewpoint. Adrian Peterson set up for all intents and purposes no yardage without a score and Rex Grossman looked foul. Not to stress on the off chance that you have Berrian on your program. The Bears face Kansas City this week and Herm Edwards ball clubs are famous for beginning the season slow, as seen by last weeks game against the Houston Texans where Andre Johnson piled up somewhat more than 140 yds and a TD. Search for Berrian to do likewise against a powerless Chiefs optional, and if your stressed over Grossman hacking up the ball, unwind. The Chiefs have essentially no pass surge and that will give him all the time he wants to settle in. If you have Bernard, you should feel happy with beginning him.

Daunte Culpepper – QB Oakland Raiders

It’s from the get-go in the year to have QB issues, however on the off chance that you do Daunte may be the response for the present moment. Subsequent to losing the gazing gig to Josh McCown, Culpepper may find the opportunity to begin after the Raiders took in this week that McCown broke a finger on his tossing hand. This has trap game for the Broncos composed on top of it. Denver had a generally simple time with Buffalo last week and will come into this week somewhat more loose than the season opener. On the off chance that Lamont Jordan can satisfy his week 1 execution it should give Daunte a fast outlet right off the bat in the game. In the event that Culpepper can settle in search for him to hit Ronald Curry with the profound ball. Denver’s auxiliary may be the most incredible in the association, yet if Culpepper can move all through the pocket it could by an ideal opportunity for his recipients to get open. This is a high danger pick, and one that you should screen as a game time choice, yet on the off chance that you have him on your list he could be a secret jewel. เที่ยวต่างประเทศ

Deuce McAllister – RB New Orleans Saints

Deuce is truly just a danger due to Reggie Bush being in New Orleans, yet this week ought to be McAllister’s show. He’s a Tampa Bay bad dream. He has either scrambled for a 100 yds or scored in 6 of 8 gatherings with the Bucs in his vocation. Last year he scored in the two games against them. He will lose conveys to Bush, likely increasingly more as the year continues, however after last weeks pounding because of Indy, I search for Sean Payton to pound Deuce up the center and attempt to gobble up the clock while Drew Brees gets back in the propensity for dinkin’ and dunkin’ down the field. Hedge may outscore him in this game, yet I search for McAllister to get the greater part of the contacts and the majority of the yardage.

Lastly, if your in an IDP association and searching for a protective back, I may have a take for you.

James Butler – DB New York Giants

Steward is in his third year in New York and looked extremely sharp in the game last week against Dallas. This child is an obscure in dream circles. If you check out the Giants you will see that the D-backs will be in for a huge load of tackles this year. With Osi Umenyiora beat up and the remainder of the bleeding edge resembling a sorry excuse for it’s previous self the resistance quarterbacks will have the opportunity to get the ball down field. Steward had 6 handles in week 1. He just arrived at the midpoint of 26 a season coming into this year, yet in case I were a betting man (and I am), I’d wagered that Butler will see 70 to 80 handles this year. In the event that you have the program space get him.

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