Who Was Up and Down During College Football’s First Weekend

The first week of college football was full of surprises and disappointments; it is what makes college football worth watching. College football is exciting, surprising and unpredictable all at once. There was some really bad news for the Michigan Wolverines, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Florida State Seminoles.

First the Wolverines managed to get beaten by Division 1-AA Appalachian State 34-32 on their home field as 110,000 fans watched in the Big House at Ann Arbor. Michigan went into the game ranked No. 5 in both preseason polls. When the poll results came out Tuesday following Saturday’s game, Michigan dropped out of the poll completely.

It marked the first time that a team ranked that high had completely dropped out the poll since the AP Poll was expanded to 25 teams in 1989. Since the death of the legendary Bo Schembechler, the Wolverines have gone 0-3 and given up 108 points.

“I wouldn’t want to be on their practice field Tuesday,” said victorious Appalachian State Coach Jerry Moore.

To compare the two football programs, Appalachian State’s football budget is $1.5 million, and Michigan is in the middle of a $226 million renovation of its stadium. I would say forget the renovation and get some real players at Michigan. The upset has already been called by many sports pundits and followers as the biggest upset in the history of college football since a AA team has never beaten a ranked team in NCAA play.

Then Notre Dame got a prime whipping from Georgia Tech 33-3. The game marked the most lopsided opening game loss in Notre Dame history, and first time the Irish have failed to score a touchdown in an opener since 1985.

Geez, where is the offense? Charlie Weis is all about offense, but the Irish have clearly suffered from defensive weaknesses the past two seasons. I am part Irish and a Notre Dame fan. I want to see Weis succeed big time at Notre Dame. Weis is starting his third season and this opening game loss does not bode well for Notre Dame.รีวิวรองเท้ากีฬา

Last year the Irish scored 31 points a game (16th best among 119 Division I-A schools) and gave up 24 points a game (67th best). Defense is a problem for the offensive-minded Weis, and it will continue to be until he fixes it. It almost goes without saying that offense is a huge problem at the moment.

By the end of Saturday, No. 19-ranked Florida State took on way too much swamp water and was upset by Clemson, 24-18. Florida State was conspicuously absent in the polls Tuesday and Clemson snuck into the 25th spot in the AP Poll.

I was not surprised by Clemson’s win as they were at home and last year Clemson gave up only 16 points a game (16th best in the nation).


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