O P Bhatnagar – A Poet of Political Awakening

O P Bhatnagar is quite possibly the most driving voices of Indian English verse whose assortments Thought Poems (1976), Feeling Fossils (1977), Angels of Retreat (undated), The Audible Landscape, Oneric Visions, Shadows in Floodlight (1984) and Cooling Flames of Darkness (2001) bespeak of political awareness of the writer. As it is obvious reality that Indian English verse can never avoid the socio-political environment of India and artists who don’t compose under a solitary recipe but instead start a discourse among ‘man and man’ so Bhatnagar also manages various issues of our general public and governmental issues. Dr. A.N. Dwivedi remarks:

“Bhatnagar’s verse appreciates an incredible assortment of subjects which straightforwardly center around the long ness of his experience and the gravity of his contribution in the issues of life.” (CIE217)

Bhatnagar’s handling of political topic is more firm and bigger than some other Indian English artist for he has contacted practically every one of the parts of political situation. Dr.V.K.Singh notices:

“We find in Bhatnagar an honest examination of current realities of contemporary life. Bhatnagar remarks upon horde parts of political life as existing as of now. No notable element gets away from his definitely insightful eye. Bhatnagar tears open the chest of a few political enigmas. He reflects before us what’s going on with everything of every political issue.” (152)

Subjects like political decision, pay off, debasement, criminalization of governmental issues, wild pay off among the pioneers corrupting person of public pioneers, division of society by communalism, castism, linguism, and regionalism and so forth and the absolute loss of qualities in legislative issues are moved by the artist in a strikingly delicate and greatly wry manner which is as yet not being outperformed by any writer of Indian English Poetry. His declaration that ‘Indian Poetry in English must be Indian’ can’t be disregarded on the off chance that we seek to advance Indian Literature. Simply replicating and adapting to the English and English Literature is deficient on the grounds that Indian reasonableness isn’t enduring with the penury of musings, feelings and reasonableness and on the grounds that it has its establishment imperativeness and voice of probability. Dr. R.C. Sharma is correct when he says:

“The motivation behind why Bhatnagar advocates making Indian Poetry in English is assailed with clashes and concerns; and these contentions and concerns are fundamentally Indian. Bhatnagar is aware of the milieu where the Indian artist in English resides just as of the obligation which the Indian artist in English needs to perform.”(79)

O.P.Bhatnagar has managed various subjects like social cognizance, political mindfulness, love, nature, theory and Indianness. As per Dr. A. N. Dwivedi:

Politics Bhatnagar’s verse grasps an incredible assortment of subjects, which straightforwardly center around the enormity of his experienceand the solemnityof his contribution in the undertakings of his life. (CIE,217)

In this manner Bhatnagar comprehends the rhythm and temperature of his occasions and as needs be coordinates his verse. Bhatnagar’s managing the topic of legislative issues is heap and genuine. The different social issues that shake the inner voice of man are the subjects of his verse and he attempts to toss a decent arrangement of light on every one of them. S.C.Bose notices:

“The verse of O.P.Bhatnagar which has without a doubt numerous measurements is likewise huge as verse of political cognizance.” (V. V., 29)

The straightforward investigation of the reality of contemporary life, and the pleasant depiction make his verse energetic and engaging. As indicated by Bhatnagar:

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