Boxing Weight Classes – Should MMA Follow Suit?

One of my annoyances about battle sports is the absence of

consistency with regards to weight classes. Each

association in boxing has various names for their

weight classes. Furthermore, blended hand to hand fighting is deficient with regards to enough

weight classes.

For instance in boxing, a man who weighs 200 pounds is

called a Cruiserweight in the WBA, yet a Junior Heavyweight

in the WBO. In boxing there are 17 weight classes for men.

In Super Bantamweight in the WBA, you gauge 119 to 122 lbs.

Weight classes move in 3 pound increases until Lightweight,

then, at that point move at 4 pound classes until Welterweight at 147.

The boxing weight classes get greater as the loads climb

be that as it may, มวยไทย even at the second most noteworthy weight class in boxing you

won’t ever battle a person in excess of 6 pound heavier than you.

This hypothetically makes a substantially more serious match.

Differentiation this with MMA. In the event that you are an expert blended

combative techniques contender in the UFC, you can battle in an aggregate

of 6 weight classes….Lightweight under 155, Welterweight

under 170, Middleweight under 185, Light Heavy under 205,

Heavyweight under 260, or Super Heavy more than 260.

In the event that you are a genius MMA contender in Japan in Pride Fighting

Titles, you have even less with just 5! PrideFC

has no MMA Welterweight division, simply a humongous

Middleweight class.

The main concern in MMA is you have tremendous weight divisions

with amazingly hefty men slicing a lot of weight to

squeak into a lower weight class, then, at that point building up by battle

day. It makes for less energizing matches as I would see it.

Boxing weight classes make more rivalry. Blended

hand to hand fighting should follow after accordingly in the years ahead.

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