Where to Find a Man? Where to Find a Husband?  

Where to Find a Man? Where to Find a Husband?  

Want to know where to find a man? Where to find a husband? Read this!

-Go out as much as possible. Be a social butterfly. Accept as many invitations to events as you can. Consider volunteering or taking a class of your interest (a male dominated class is best,  เที่ยวไหนดี

like rock climbing. If you like knitting take the class, but choose another one where you can meet straight men). Taking a class, a course or volunteering is good because it gives you extended contact with men. You get to know men without the pressure, and then see if any of the single ones ask you out! Sign up for a class today!

Also consider meetup.com. You can find meetups in your area with people who have similar interests. It’s a great opportunity to do what you love and meet loads of new people. I just recently saw a huge group of rollerbladers in Union Square in NYC. Men and women doing what they love and getting the chance to connect. If Mr. Right isn’t in the mix, you’ve at least expanded your horizons and made new friends.

-Look as hot as you can when you’re out. Avoid looking “slutty” or wearing clothing that is super revealing or super tight, unless of course that’s the look you’re going for. Look good, but be sensible and dress in good taste. We’ll talk more about this in another article.

-When you’re out with your girlfriends, walk around alone or with one other friend for a bit. It’s much easier for a man to approach you when you’re not surrounded by a herd of women. Smile and look approachable. Let men come up to you. Chat for about 10 minutes, but don’t spend the entire night talking and dancing with one man. Let him search the crowded room to find you again for another dance, for a drink and for your number!

-Know the kind of man YOU want and frequent the places he goes. If he’s athletic, join a co-ed gym. If he’s the Wall street type, hang out at the trendy lunch spots and after work bars he frequents. If he’s Christian, Muslim or Jewish, join a singles group or go to your church, mosque or temple. Let people know you’re single and open to being introduced to men.


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