How To River Fish – The Most Important Equipment For River Fishing  

How To River Fish – The Most Important Equipment For River Fishing  

If you’ve ever wondered how to river fish one of the most important factors to success while river fishing is the equipment that you use. In this article I will use my twenty five years of river fishing experience and outline what I have found to be the most important     bitterroot river fishing   pieces of equipment for fishing in a river.

If you want to learn how to river fish there is one important point to keep in mind, in my experience the most effective way to river fish, or fish a river, is by wading in the river that you are fishing. This obviously means that rivers in the small to medium size ranges are the types of rivers that I tend to fish, and all of the equipment outlined below is for fishing in this type of river. The bottom line is that if you are interested in how to river fish, the equipment listed below needs to be with you the next time that you are fishing in the flowing waters of a river or stream.

A Quality Pair of Waders – Although some river fishermen say that waders aren’t necessary, I whole heartedly disagree. Waders not only make wading in the river that you are fishing much more comfortable than not wearing waders, wearing a quality pair of waders also allows you to fish when water and weather conditions are less than ideal. When it comes to a quality pair or waders there are only two types of materials that your waders should be made from; neoprene or breathable material. If the waders are made from a material other than these two choices you shouldn’t waste your money. A quality pair of waders will cost from $125 to $300 and if they are properly cared for will last you for many fishing seasons.

Have An Effective Bait Carrier – There is little question that live bait is an excellent bait choice when it comes to river fishing, but live bait can be difficult to carry with you on the water while you are wading. This is where an effective bait carrier comes into play. A “quick minnow” bait carrier is an excellent way to carry live minnows while wading and a is an excellent way to carry live worms while wading. Using a bait carrier means that baiting up and re-baiting will take seconds, rather than minutes while you search for your bait. The bottom line is that having an effective bait carrier will save a ton of valuable fishing time when wade fishing a river, whether you are a river fishing veteran or are just learning how to river fish.

A Fishing Vest – If you want to fish in a river and be organized (which is critical to success) a fishing vest must be worm to carry all of your tackle, lures, bait, and other gear. Fishing vests are often though of as something only “fly fishermen” wear, but the truth is that spin fishermen should wear a fishing vest when river fishing as well. The bottom line is that no one should ever river fish without using a fishing vest to carry their fishing gear with them on the water.

Use Retractors – What is a retractor you ask? A retractor is a small device that attaches to your fishing vest which to carry lightweight fishing gear. Then your often used fishing gear, such as: line clippers, hemostats, etc. are clipped to the retractor and left hanging the vest. Then when these items are needed, you simply grab them, use them, and then release them, and the retractor ‘zips’ them right back in. The use of retractors makes you much more efficient, saving a ton of valuable fishing time.


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